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Scroll Pump

Scroll PumpOil free pumping for Genevac Centrifugal Evaporators

Developed by BOC Edwards, with assistance from Genevac, and based on the "scroll" principle.
The scroll pump takes it's name from the design of the pump head, where a series of crescent shaped scrolls cut into an oscillating rotor are used to repeatedly compress and decompress the gas or vapour to be pumped. 
The main advantage to the scroll pump is that it is "dry" and therefore does not require any pumping fluid or lubricant in order to operate. This in turn makes them ideal for use in harsh chemistry environments such as high throughput chemistry and drug discovery, where corrosive or volatile solvents are frequently used. Ordinary pump designs are totally unsuitable in these labs and so Genevac designed their unique Cole principle vacuum pump for just this type of work. Whilst the Cole principle pumps have been a great success, with over a thousand in use worldwide, they do require occasional topping up of the inert fluid in the pumping chamber, something no longer required with the scroll pump design.

Scroll technology is not new; it has been in use in the microprocessor industry for several years, but this is the first time it has been successfully applied to a wider range of solvents in the drug discovery arena. Special materials must be used in the construction of pumps for such applications before going in to use on Genevac evaporators. The pump is available in two sizes according to required flow rate; either 180 l/min and 90 l/min, both will reach down to 0.15mbar with ease. The larger unit is specified for Genevac HT-24 Workstation for the large scale purification and synthesis sector and the Mega systems, whilst the smaller unit is suitable for Genevac's bench top evaporator models up to HT-12.

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