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To help you get the best from your system, Genevac evaporators are designed to be as flexible as possible.
There are options and accessories available to suit most of your requirements, from the extensive range of sample holders, designed to provide maximum protection of samples and faster drying times, to  sample handling tools such as SampleGenie™ that improve laboratory workflow.

Developed by BOC Edwards, with assistance from Genevac, and based on the "scroll" principle. The scroll pump takes it’s name from the design of the pump head, where a series of crescent shaped scrolls cut into an oscillating rotor are used to repeatedly compress and decompress the gas or vapour to be pumped.  View animation.

Double Your Evaporation Speeds with deepwell microtitre plates and compound storage racks

Evaporation from microtitre plates and microtitre sample formats can be extremely slow. Their design makes it difficult to transfer enough heat for rapid evaporation, especially with slow drying solvents such as water or DMSO. In addition, wells are supported above the level of the skirt and need support to prevent the plate from deforming in the evaporator.  Flexible heat transfer plates may be used to support microplates and speed evaporation in standard SideBridge swings and only in the new FastStack swings designed to accept them.  They must not be used in older styles of FastStack holder.

A study carried out by Martyn Deal at GlaxoWellcome UK has proved the value of Genevac's unique Dri-Pure® anti-bumping system. Dri-Pure® was shown to prevent solvent bumping (ejection of superheated solvent and solute from a test tube or microtitre plate well) from occurring in all the samples tested.

Genevac offers a Data Logging & Remote Control software package to monitor and control the evaporation process.

Want to free up some fume hood space?

With increased throughput requirements, many modern laboratories are running out of bench and fume hood space. Equipment is often placed in the fume hood when the scientists would prefer to keep the hood free for other work.
Infinity trolley allows the evaporator to occupy the minimum space possible, even allowing the external condenser for the HT-12 to be placed under the evaporation chamber.

When working with certain solvents, e.g. HPLC solvents, a fully dried result can be hard to achieve due to interactions with the dissolved sample - resulting in the formation of a gum or oil.

In response to customer demand Genevac have developed a Fast Lyophilisation, or LyoSpeed™ process to resolve these problems for customers working with HPLC solvents.  Most recently, this has been taken further through the collaborative development of the SuperCool high power -75°C cold trap, deliverying exceptional results with even the most difficult samples.

Genevac HT Series II and EZ-2 evaporators are designed to combine rapid and safe evaporation with high capacity and a wide variety of sample formats. In order to optimise the evaporation performance achieved it is important to select the correct sample holder for your particular application.

Genevac samples holders are manufactured from solid aluminium to very precise specifications and are mass balanced to ensure smooth running of the evaporator.

This guide will help you make the right choice.  Common spares and accessories are also listed.

Drying Large Volumes Directly into Vials

There are many situations where a large volume needs to be dried or concentrated and placed into a small vial. On some occasions a number of large volumes need to be dried and placed into one vial e.g. when combining HPLC purification fractions. Typically many stages are needed to achieve this seemingly simple end result, including:

  • Dry the large volume(s)
  • Redissolve in small volume of strong solvent
  • Pipette to final vial of choice
  • Dry small vial

    A further key application is when concentrating large volumes prior to analysis.

  • EXALT is a unique toolkit developed by Genevac and researchers in the field to assist with evaporative crystallisation studies. By enabling a wide range of solvents to be evaporated at the same time and at the same slow rate, the EXALT system can deliver crystalline forms of a compound in a controlled and reproducible manner.

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    EXALT Controlled Crystallisation Sample Holders, Accessories & Spares Brochure Infinity Trolley Lyophilisation Flexible Heat Transfer Plates SampleGenie Dri-Pure Scroll Data Logger

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