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R4 Random Access

Support Status

  • R4 are now outside of guaranteed technical support
  • In most cases, Genevac is still able to service and support them

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Legacy Product..
The Genevac R4 Random Access Evaporator was the first product to offer drug discovery chemists the benefit of centrifugal evaporation combined with "open access" or 'walk-up' operation.

The incorporation of a unique auto-balancing rotor into Genevacís proven microprocessor controlled evaporator allows samples to be loaded and unloaded without any requirement for balancing sample loads by mass. In addition, samples in solvents with differing volatility can be dried simultaneously.

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CVP EZ-2 & EZ-2 Plus EZ-Bio DD-4X Evaporator R4 Random Access HT-8 Mega Systems


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