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Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing to visit the Genevac website. We value your privacy and assure you we will do our best to see it is preserved.

Notice of Collected Data

  • We collect data to determine the number of "hits" our pages receive.

This data is not personally identifiable in any manner. We collect this information to ensure we present the data of most value to our visitors.

  • We collect browser, operating system, and session origin data.

The goal of this website is to provide useful information which can be read by anyone capable of browsing the internet. We must balance that goal against the use of formatting which will enhance the presentation and utility of the data provided. Not all browsers and operating systems display and print web pages in the same manner.

We review the data we collect to ensure our website provides the greatest utility to the greatest number of visitors while still allowing everyone access to all public information.

  • We collect the data you provide when you submit one of our forms.

We use this data in order to service your request. We may share this information among different groups within SP Industries in order to better respond to your needs. We may use this information to provide information we feel may be on interest to you. We do not send unsolicited mass e-mail (spam).

  • We use third-party e-mail services for our newsletter broadcasts and these services use tracking tags to provide metrics such as percent opened, percent blocked or bounced, and click-through rates.

The results of this tracking allow us to better judge our focus on your needs. Information on opened e-mail is supplied only in aggregate and is not personally identifiable. E-mail addresses which are bounced or blocked are provided individually so we may remove them from our mailing list. Your e-mail address and the results of our mailings are neither sold nor shared with any party external to SP Industries.

We do not use tracking tags in our personal e-mail correspondence.

Sharing Your Data

  • To respond to your enquiries your data may be shared with one of the following organisations:
    1. Companies within the SP Industries group of companies, comprising; Genevac, FTS Systems, Hull, Wilmad LabGlass and VirTis
    2. Our local distributor or representative if you are in an area where we are not directly present

The Choices You Have Regarding Your Data

  • We use "Opt-In" for our e-mail and phone contacts.

If you do not specify a method of contact when submitting a request we will use the method we feel is most appropriate to your immediate need.

You are given the option when submitting a form to choose to receive updates about our products and services on a periodic basis. This is known as "opt-in". You must request that we add you to our mailing list.

Use of Cookies

  • We use a single cookie deposited on your PC to remember your logon information to save you time whenever you visit the site.  This is the only cookie that we reference, no others.

Access to Your Data

  • You may request to review and amend your personal data.
  • Contact information and opt-in/opt-out choices you have submitted to us may be reviewed by you upon your request; please contact us

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