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This the archive of the Genevac newsletter.
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Newsletter TitleDescription
Genevac Newsletter 1Starting the series with the basics of evaporation
Genevac Newsletter 2How cold traps work and how they affect performance
Genevac Newsletter 3The technology behind temperature control in Genevac systems to protect your samples from over heating. The SampleGuard in the HT system
Genevac Newsletter 4Bumping and cross contamination. DriPure Genevac's anti bumping technology
Genevac Newsletter 5What is lyophilisation? The advantages. Can my Genevac system be used for lyophilisation?
Genevac Newsletter 6What is heat flow and how it effects the evaporation rate? Important facts when evaporating High BP solvents
Genevac Newsletter 7Programming your Genevac to Lyophilise samples. What is fast lyophilisation ? How to lyophilise mixed solvents and DMSO ?
Genevac Newsletter 8Rocket - The large volume high speed evaporator. How does it compare with the rotary and blow down evaporators.
Genevac Newsletter 9Using your Genevac to concentrate samples. SampleGenies - an easy way to directly concentrate, dry or lyophilise into a vial.
Genevac Newsletter 10How does my Genevac system knows when my samples are dried ? The technology behind automatic end of run detection. When to works best.
Genevac Newsletter 11Multi stage evaporation runs. How to set it up in a HT system? How is works in an EZ-2 and Rocket?
Genevac Newsletter 12What is contamination ? When can this happen ? How can I detect it ?
Genevac Newsletter 13How to remove solvent odour from the evaporator chamber? Centrifugal force and how it prevents bumping.
Genevac Newsletter 14Pre-programmed runs and auto programming on HT series II systems. The importance of pre-heating when evaporating high boiling point solvents.
Genevac Newsletter 15Temperature control in the EZ-2 & HT and Rocket. How do I know the correct temperature to evaporate my solvents and to avoid bumping?
Genevac Newsletter 16Using strong acids in your Genevac evaporator. The difference between a HCl resistant and a non resistant system. Sample Holders - are they acid resistant and general maintenance.
Genevac Newsletter 17Why does Genevac evaporators use gold plated IR lamp reflectors ? Is it really necessary to use special glass on lamp window? How your samples are protected by UV lamps ?
Genevac Newsletter 18Pre programmed methods on Genevac EZ-2 mk3 and rocket systems. How does thesystem auto stop and custome methods. What is cryopumping ?
Genevac Newsletter 19A review of evaporation technologies, including,rotory evaporators, vortexes, blow down systems, centrifugal evaporators...
Genevac Newsletter 20EZ-2 Elite - how the scroll pump and auto draining condenser enable to evaporate high boiling point solvents and lyophilisation.

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