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Available Brochures

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Product Brochures

Brochure TitleDescription
Auto Defrost & Drain / Fast Lyo BrochureExplaining AD&D functionality and how it helps with fast lyophilisation
Concentration Technology BrochureConcentration for analysis methodology overview
Dri-Pure BrochureStudy evaluating Dri-Pure carried out by Glaxo Wellcome
EZ-2 Brochurecovering the EZ-2 range
HCl Resistance BrochureExplaining the modifications necessary to achieve resistance to high HCl concentrations
Heat Transfer PlatesFaster drying for microtitre plates
HT Series 2 Evaporators - a Quick GuideIntroduction to operating a HT Series 2 evaporator.
HT Series Evaporator BrochureCovering HT-4X through to the HT-24 Evaporation Work-station.
Inifinity Trolley BrochureMovable evaportor trolley
miVac BrochuremiVac range brochure
miVac LyomiVac Lyo Freeze Drying Accessory Kit
miVac Rotors BrochureGuide to rotors for the miVac range
Options and Accessories BrochureGuide to sample holders for Genevac systems
Rocket & 4D Evaporator BrochureOverview of the Rocket 4D & Rocket Evaporator and Sample Holders
Rocket SampleGenie BrochureGuide to SampleGenie for the Rocket
SampleGenie BrochureSpecification and details of the SampleGenie
SuperCool 75 FlierSuperCool high power -75C condenser
Upgrade to EliteUpgrade your EZ-2 to Elite status!

Partner Product Brochures

Brochure TitleDescription
AdVantage Freeze Drier BrochureThe first shelf drier to fit on a bench
AdVantage Plus Freeze Drier BrochureThe first multi shelf freeze drier to fit on a bench
AirJet BrochureControlled air-stream device
Benchmark Freeze Drier BrochureScale up size / small scale production freeze drie
BenchTop K Freeze Drier BrochureBench top freeze drier range brochure
BioCool BrochureControlled rate freezing baths
Chemistry Kitsfor macro and micro joint sizes, ideal for schools
Condensers and Distillation Columns Brochurerange brochure
Critical Formulation Temperature StudyStudy discussing how to determine the critical temperature for a given formulation.
EPR Sample Tubes, Dewars and AccessoriesFull details of the range
Flexi-Cool BrochureSpecification of cooling engines and probes
Floral Freeze Drying BrochureFloral preservation systems & information
Freeze Drier Flasks BrochureFlasks range brochure
Freeze Dryer Range BrochureBenchtop to production driers.
FreezeMobile BrochureFloor standing multi-flask drier
General Purpose Freeze Driers BrochureFor non-Pharmaceutial applications
Genesis Freeze Drier BrochureEntry level Pilot freeze drier
HistoChill BrochureHistoChill specification sheet
Hull Freeze Drier BrochurePharmaceutical production scale driers
LyoStar II BrochureCycle optimisation drier
Maxi-Cool BrochureControl between -38C and +75C.
Multi-Cool BrochureBath controlling between -80C and +100C
NMR Tube GuideGuide to selecting NMR tubes
RS Series BrochureGeneral purpose recirculating chillers / heaters
Shell Freezing Bath BrochureFor freeze drier flasks
SMART Freeze Drier Technology BrochureTechnology to reduce cycle development time.
ThermoJet BrochureCycling controlled air-stream for component testing
Titan Cold Trap BrochureAcid resistant cold trap
ULT Series Chillers BrochureRecirculating chiller with -90C performance
Ultra Freeze Drier BrochurePilot freeze drier
Ultra-Cool Chiller BrochureRecirculating bath: -40C and +130C.
Undercounter Washer AccessoriesShows accessories and baskets for undercounter washers
Vapour Trap BrochureVacuum cold trap
VirTual Freeze Drier BrochurePilot freeze drier
XR NMR Sample Cooling BrochureControlled air-stream for NMR samples

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