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Published Articles

- Implications for Drug Discovery of ATEX  
- Improving Analysis of Pesticides  
- Parallel Dry-Loading onto Silica for Analysis  
- Controlled Concentration for MALDI-TOF MS  
- Integration for High Throughput HPLC Purification  
- Things that go "Bump" in the Night  
- Solvent Removal Requires Care  
- Advances in Sample-prep for Metabolite Profiling  
- Increasing Metabolite Recoveries in ADMET Studies  
- The Effects of Centrifugal Evaporation on Samples  
- Understanding Evaporation  
- Library Maintenance for the Smaller Pharma  
- A rapid safe technique for drying oligonucleotides  
- Comparing evaporators for drying Oligonucleotides  
- Optimal Drying of HPLC Fractions  
- Development of a High Throughput Evaporator  
- Dryness Detection Improves Yield and Throughput  
- Controlling Bumping During Evaporation  
- Use of Evaporators in Polymer Deformulation  
- Evaluation of three types of Cold Trap  
- The Effects of Microplate Contamination  
- Evaporation issues in Compound Supply  
- Rocket Technology   
- eXalt Evaluation by Novartis  
- Enhanced Determination of Nitrofurans Residues  


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