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Genevac's high performance centrifugal solvent evaporator systems are designed for use in chemistry, biology and analytical science applications and are in use in laboratories worldwide. A short video introduction to evaporation is available to help you understand the technology, please click here to view the film.  The Applications section provides details of how users of Genevac systems have used them to optimise their work.
Our centrifugal evaporator product range starts with the third generation EZ-2 Series of personal centrifugal evaporators. Designed specifically for solvent removal in life science research, be that concentration of samples or complete drying - now with fully optimisable methods and nitric acid resistance.  Also included in this range are the HT Series II Systems, and the HT-24 Evaporator for production environments. The miVac sample concentrator range is designed for Molecular Biology, providing very high performance coupled with ease of use and occupying the minimum of laboratory space.
As part of our continuous programme of collaborative research and development, we introduced the Rocket 4D Evaporator to our range. Rocket 4D is for fast, safe, automatic evaporation of large volumes of solvent ranging from a few litres to many tens of litres, freeing the user to do other things.  This grew from the Rocket which is a very fast evaporation system for concentration or evaporation from up to 6 flasks of 450ml.   
Genevac is a subsidiary of SP Scientific, a leading manufacturer of specialty equipment for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, academic, and OEM applications. Products are sold under marketing leading brands that include Genevac solvent evaporators and miVac sample concentrators, FTS precision thermal control systems and LyoStar freeze dryers with SMART for freeze drying cycle development and ControLyo for controlled ice nucleation, Virtis laboratory and pilot-plant driers, Hull production scale freeze dryers, and Hotpack glassware washers.
Genevac Origins
Genevac was founded in 1990 by Michael Cole. At this time, the small, family owned business specialised in the manufacture of corrosion proof vacuum pumps and centrifugal evaporation equipment for the life science research laboratory.

Centrifugal evaporation involves the use of lowered pressure to reduce the boiling points of solvents thereby accelerating their evaporation. Samples are placed in a rotor and spun during the drying process to prevent violent solvent boiling (known as "bumping").

Click here to see short video clip of "solvent bumping" (Requires QuickTime plug in).

Michael Cole invented the revolutionary Cole Vacuum Pump (CVP) to provide the world's first corrosion proof high vacuum, low maintenance laboratory pump. The CVP pump originally formed the backbone of all Genevac vacuum systems to provide unparalleled levels of performance. The evaporation systems produced between 1990 and 1995 were very compact bench top systems for general-purpose use in life science research.

With advances made in technology, this has now been superseded with the Scroll Pump. Developed by BOC Edwards, with assistance from Genevac, and based on the "scroll" principle. The scroll pump takes itfs name from the design of the pump head, where a series of crescent shaped scrolls cut into an oscillating rotor are used to repeatedly compress and decompress the gas or vapour to be pumped.

1995 - The Emerging Combinatorial Chemistry Market

In conjunction with the emergence of new technologies to speed up drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry, the company focussed on developing a new class of laboratory evaporation equipment specifically designed for combinatorial chemistry and its related applications.

Combinatorial techniques demand high throughput, high performance laboratory synthesis, solvent evaporation and purification equipment capable of operating in a production environment. Genevac became the first manufacturer to build solvent evaporation systems for combinatorial chemistry. Genevac currently manufacture a range of standard systems from the compact bench-top EZ-2 and HT-4X systems to ultra-high throughput Mega production scale systems.

The success of the combinatorial chemistry systems launched in 1995 gave rise to accelerated company growth. The systems are currently used in most major pharmaceutical research laboratories worldwide. The company won the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2000 in recognition of the innovations incorporated into the products.


Dr Cole retired, selling Genevac to Apogent Technologies in May 2000. Apogent was in turn merged with Fisher Scientific Inc. during 2004. Fisher Scientific then merged with Thermo Electron Corporation to form ThermoFisher Scientific in November 2006, with Genevac being divested as part of the merger process. In April 2007 Genevac was acquired by SP Industries, now part of the Graham Partners portfolio of companies.

Genevac currently employs around 85 people, most based at the manufacturing, R&D and marketing headquarters in Ipswich, England. A US subsidiary is based in Gardiner, NY. The US operation provides sales, service and technical support to our customers in the US. Sales and service representatives are based local to most of our customers on the East Coast, Mid West and West Coast. In Europe we have sales and service staff based at offices in France and Germany to provide efficient service to our key European customers. Elsewhere, Genevac products are sold and supported via a global network of distributors located strategically to serve local users.

Genevac endeavours to provide the highest quality products, service and support. This is achieved through a unique range of innovative, high performance products and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Genevac is an ISO9001 2008 certified company.

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